'Free Parking' Ban!

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'Free Parking' Ban!

Breaking news monopolers! Following the controversy with the "John F. Kennedy" game piece, Australia has banned the 'Free Parking' tile from use in game. This ban is most likely in place because the Kennedy motorcade was not parked, they were in fact moving. Australian monopoly officials felt this tile was mocking the tragic event and made swift action to ban it from any games played in Australia. What does this mean for the competitive monopoly scene? Well, if you plan on playing monopoly in Australia anytime soon, you better wish you don't land on the banned space. If you do happen to land on this forbidden tile, your piece will instantly be removed from the game, and you must return all of your money to the bank. While this seems like a bad thing overall, I believe it creates an interesting meta-game. For example, if you're playing as the battleship, you might consider placing a blockade on 'Kentucky Avenue', this will prevent any player (with an exception to the race car, which is not effected by any water related blockades) from passing 'Free Parking', which will force them to land on this infamous tile. Tell me your thoughts on this newly placed ban, do you think this blockade strategy is overpowered and should be nerfed? ~PhD


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'Free Parking' Ban! :: Comments

Post on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:04 pm by Admin

Honestly its just Parker Brother's own way of adding microtransactions to he game.

I wouldn't be surprised is all of a sudden the Thimble was "banned"

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