Hop on the "Ban Wagon"

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Hop on the "Ban Wagon"

Since the past 'Free Parking' Ban in Australia, some countries have followed suit (namely Ireland, France, Peru, and Lesotho). However, other countries have found this action childish, they claim these other countries are,

"Hopping on the ban wagon. Pun intended. Did you get that pun in there? You did? Good." - Kaliiki Maaka Competitive Monopoly Chief Director of Communication and Representative from India.

To retaliate, Maaka proposes a "Boycott" of sorts against the 'Free Parking' Ban. He suggests all game tiles on the board be replaced with 'Free Parking' instead of removing it. While this motion has yet to be voted on in Indian Competitive Monopoly Legislature, it looks as though it will be carried out with a vote count of 6 - 1, the odd vote being Tom Booth (A descendant of the infamous John Wilkes Booth) who is a presidential assassination advocate. Booth feels an all 'Free Parking' game board makes aiming for the head way too easy. Especially in addition to the x3.25 headshot multiplier when the presidential motorcade is parked.

Thoughts on how this new board will play out? - PhD


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