Top Hat Controversy

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Top Hat Controversy

In the 1930s with the conception of the first few pieces things started off great. It wasn’t until the design of the Top Hat that controversy quickly followed. You see, the lower working class (comprised mostly of immigrants) felt that the Top Hat was a symbol of prestige, wealth, (things they wanted) and white privilege (something they didn’t appreciate). The White Man’s burden was the idea that white people have the burden of helping others of different races as their God given duty. They felt that other races (black, native american, etc.) were all born poor and had to be helped by the whites due to their “natural born inferiority.” Immigrants felt that this top hat represented this idea and therefore called for it to be banned. The Parker Brothers didn’t budge; insisting the perceived meaning of the peace was purely coincidental. Buses from all over the United States brought activists to Washington, D.C. where they gathered in front of the Washington Monument in protest. The growing social pressure forced the Parker Brothers to talk. They appeared at the meeting and gave a short speech as to the explanation:

“It’s just a hat.” ~Ted Parker

    The speech garnered the attention of the national media which then spread the information quickly around the world. Parker Brothers had finally laid the controversial story to rest; allowing for the Top Hat to be nothing more than just a Top Hat. (Oraki)


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I remember this one

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